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September 24, 2007, 1:33 pm
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Roselle I. Jimeno                                                                                                                     CL122

05-65504                                                                                                            September 25, 2007


            To start, I think I should begin with what the situation was like the time I was born. My parents were nineteen. My mother had to quit school to attend to me, and my father eventually quit school too. Since then we had always been supported by my father’s parents whose business until today is making and selling kakanin. For some time my parents had a stall in the market selling condiments and spices. Eventually, my mother went back to school from Civil Engineering to a degree in Education in 1998.

            We live in a community where some alleged drug-addicts get killed, where most of my age already have a child or two, where trisikad clog up our narrow streets, and children multiply amazingly. We still live in the house of my grandparents. We eat three times a day, or more. And thank God I haven’t experienced in my entire life having our electricity or water line cut for not having been able to pay the bill.

            I am a third-world country citizen—a Filipino. I am a Roman Catholic, although we rarely go to church. I live in Davao City where my mother works as an under-paid private school teacher and my father self-employs himself. I have three siblings who are in good health and studying. Everything which regards to my study is financed by my paternal uncle who works in a bank in Singapore. My brother, on the other hand, who is also in college gets to study in U.P Diliman because he passed the DOST scholarship. But because the stipend is not enough, our clan makes up for it. My sister who is in high school also studies in a public school from which the rest of my siblings, except my youngest sibling were educated. Our youngest only gets to study in a private school because my mother teaches there, and for convenient purposes.

            I belong to the bourgeois society because I am a student. At first I wanted to take up Nursing because it is the call of my time. All my close friends from high school were taking up Nursing. Yet my mother strongly discouraged me because she thinks I do not fit to be a nurse. She finds it unimaginable for me to wash somebody else’s ass. So when I passed the UPCAT and I qualified in my first choice of course which is BA English major in Creative Writing, my family neither disapproved nor approved for it was what I really wanted. My course was my sole choice and I will venture into it because I cannot turn away from it anymore. I aspire to be a tourist of my own country, at least.                                                                                     


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