green green grass

February 28, 2007, 10:55 am
Filed under: it's just me. you dont have to care.

because you’re here, it won’t mean we are together.

you’re here because you have to be here for reasons i’d rather not know. they’ll just confuse me and make me hope for something as good as charity.

i am here because i do not want you to think that i do not want to be here. sometimes it might mean the other way around when we are tired.

but you and i both know that we are not here.
you know we are somewhere.
you’re there.
and i am here, or so i thought.


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i should say “no comment”



Comment by umaispink


ahem… ahem.

tama na gurL

Comment by Evil Genius Extraordinairie

bogo kaayo ko… dili na ko ma-gets

Comment by Sandrock Hart

holy fuck, first reading just made an explosion inside my head… then reading it again as my brain fluids were trickling down my nostrils, i got an image of two “lovers” having an “intimate” dinner… both holding their cellphones, texting teir respective concubines…

Comment by saikow

na-gets daw naco.
nice 1, sel.

Comment by purple pokemon

no comment pud ko.
(anyway, nabilib ko kay marius kay naa xay na-form na image.hehehe)

Comment by klangi

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