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Jim the Boy and Dido’s White Flag
February 25, 2007, 2:06 pm
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early this morning, i realized something. actually i have been thinking quite about Jim, the main character of the novel i’m reading and Dido’s song, white flag. like black coffee and royal true orange, they are mixed up somewhere there in the skies i created in my head. coffee and orange do make smell when i pee (really…). it makes me smile,though. anyway, first, i realized that Jim the boy is so much like the girl i was back then. it’s not that he is gay! or that i’m gay! hahaha! i mean, in a way that, i think, we have the same dreams as a child. and…Dido’s white flag, ehem. whether i like it or not, i’m in love. i’m always in love. it is either with myself, or to someone or something else. but, mind you, i do not believe Dido. i know she lied. and i know i lied too.

once upon a time, i thought i’ll sing Dido’s white flag for the longest of time. but i thought, i’m really too young to have thought of such crap… and i know it was my way to justify myself. oh i was such a liar. a child. a little girl who thought she could eat the stars. but that was also the same time she thought she could reach them. just like Jim.

so i bid my farewell to Jim the boy and to Dido’s white flag. i’ve been really feeling happy these days i can’t look back anymore…never will…not at all.



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hmm..interesting post sel..but i can’t seem to relate with Jim because, of course, i haven’t read the novel. but i hope i can read it soon…hehe
uhmm..i’d like to say that it has been quite a long time since i have read writings like this of yours..(i mean, you know how often i am able to read your diary before.hehehe)
look forward to reading more essays like this…
be happeeee!!!!!

Comment by ako ni

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