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February 13, 2007, 2:05 pm
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At eighteen when the sunbeams of the morning could still have hurt his eyes, he stretches out his hands just as high as he can reach. He likes doing it–a lame exercise to ready him for the course ahead.

From his bed to the bathroom to the dining table, he insignificantly follows what he did yesterday morning, and the other morning, and the mornings before. He greets everyone with sneezes and smiles. He sneezes more than anyone else in the house, even more than his grandfather from whom he got that nasal complication that induces sneezing after waking up. It runs in the blood–anyhow.


Jim is his name; he likes it because it is short.

He admits he is lazy–but that might be a poor word to describe his idleness. He can lay all day on the sofa and watch television. In normal cases, he is like that with his right leg fixed over the other. His big toes moving deliberately like a conductor’s stick, or a speedometer perhaps, signifying the intensity of the shows he watches. His mom hears him say, “tanjigigertz”, in varieties of tones expressing levels of emotions.

At night he goes to bed, when the 25-watt bulb could have hurt his eyes, he won’t turn the light off. He is afraid of the dark.


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interesting, Jim pud ang name sa imong character dinhi.hehehe.
what’s with Jim?hehehe.(Jim P.)hehehe
nice narrator and description.
yah, i like the repetition of “hurt his eyes” utilize what there is(i can’t exactly remember what sir john mentioned bout this thing in class.)

p.s. i like the pic.hehehe
anyway, keep it up gurl..

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