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Let My Cat-Instincts Out the Bag
February 6, 2007, 11:32 am
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Last night I had a mouse-chase going. I laid still
between the sofa and shoe rack—
in case it will come out nicely out a hole
in that roomful of papers,
cloths, cans and dusts.
The whole time I did not flicker an eyelid;
it might scamper right before me
and I will miss it.
Until the wait expired and settled
as a false hope. So I closed my eyes,
Finally sensing the cold floor appeasing
my hairs down to my very skin.
And the night, was silently devouring me
To sleep. But I did smell it—it tickled my
My whiskers through my wary nose.
Ah! I heard it too!
But my instinct was swifter than my eyes
that it was Browny I mistook for a mouse.
My heart leaped a hundred miles
that I screamed the moment away
and ran like Uncle Cheetah.
Until I found myself a safe place
up near that hung pictures. Thank whoever!
I do not want my nine lives to be all gone at one time, you know.


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i really liked this poem. my sentiments and Reason tells me so. but i don’t know if i will be able to explain how.hehehe…

i liked how you were able to establish a good character in the made your character interesting.

keep up!

Comment by klang.

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