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January 25, 2007, 11:58 am
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i had this crush back in highschool. he was tall, dark and handsome. although he was so weird that he rarely said a word, i liked him very much. in fact, many other girls liked him because he was so talented. he had a note for music when he plays guitar while he sings. one time i read an essay he made for a newsletter, i was impressed by the way he played with words. his personality was so interesting that oftentimes it stirs in my mind what was it really like to be close to him. nonetheless, i was still able to enjoy even by just looking at him from afar, or by staring at him when he doesn’t know. there was really something in him that i feel i needed to know. until one fine day when i was already in college, like a thief in the night, a friend told me that my crush has a boyfriend. that’s it, he’s gay.


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spectating is better than falling. trust me. =)rather, flirting is better than falling. flirting is better than spectating too.


flirting > spectating > falling


Comment by jaundice

i observed most women are attracted to gay men.

maybe they think it is not risky.
maybe they are contented just to look and see,
maybe they do not want to waste their chastity.
maybe the “he” looks better when they are “she”.

maybe they don’t like muscles.
maybe a gay’s charm is the killer.
maybe girls are just imbicles.
or maybe i am just bitter.

Comment by Sandrock Hart

indeed i am bitter.

soya u?

Comment by Sandrock Hart

from the phrase “he was tall, dark and handsome.” alone… made me think of cliche.. ahihi… you really have made this entry very “cliche-ic” haha.. if there’s a term for it… good job.. šŸ™‚

Who is sandrock hart?? another mysterious critique..?/ bwahaha…

Comment by Evil Genius Extraordinairie

i like this entry…
but its good if you just let the reader know that he’s gay through descriptions..
no mystery…you cannot suspend the imagination of the readers..


Comment by potchakz

the first few lines of the entry reminded me of someone we both know in high school.hehehe..and it’s funny that you made him gay..hehee..

Comment by kalme

ako ni-nikkiboy

Comment by Sandrock Hart

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