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November 28, 2006, 12:11 pm
Filed under: cw posts

my stomach aches strangely–
the worms inside me
grew wings;

they all rot in my mouth.


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can’t get to understand…

your stomach aches so strangely.. and there are worms that grew wings..??

what are this worms? is it literal?(I believe it’s not)…

But m’dear, I am getting the Idea of a person “puking”

so u’re saying that puking is a dumb act?


nice write. the use of the two punctuations.. the “-” and “;”
it seems that you’re an experienced writer..

good write.

Comment by Evil Genius Extraordinary

you’re giving gross thoughts.

as usual.


Comment by jacko

… btaw, puking person ang maimagine ko…. pero bakt “dumb”?

Comment by saikow

i won’t let the worms inside my stomach, which eventually grew wings, out my mouth and just let them rot inside my mouth. i won’t open my mouth..i won’t talk… so i’m dumb. hehe.

Comment by noshei

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